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Take your 10/22, 4 or 5 mags, and two bricks of ammo and find yourself an Appleseed
THIS, times 1000.

The only tweak I'd suggest is to either scope the rifle with an inexpensive 4x, or if your eyes are young and strong, get the "Tek Sights" I think they're called. The stock 10/22 sights will probably hold you back or at least make it hard to shoot Rifleman at Appleseed. (The stock front sight bead is larger than little 400 yd silhouette). A magnifying scope won't help you shoot better, if you're not executing properly it will just magnify your errors, but it helped me be able to see the target with my aging eyes.

If possible, don't just go to one Appleseed, attend several. Something like only 2% of people can shoot a Rifleman score their first Appleseed (I didn't, it took me two Appleseeds and a lot of practice).
There's way more to know than the intensive stuff they cover at Appleseed, but you'll know the fundamentals and be able to correctly DO them if you can shoot a Rifleman score.
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