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I am not an M-70 expert,but on my modern M-70 Laredo in 7mm Rem,there is a stop ,I think its attached to the extractor collar,on the left side.It shortens the rearward travel on the bolt.It hits the bolt stop by the ejector.
The Laredo also has a spacer block in the rear of the mag box.

I have considered taking advantage of changing this,as a 162 gr A-max jumps about .150 to the rifling at max mag box length,and I have a box of long skinny Bergers to play with.Long seating VLDs to the lands sounds appealing

Its one of those things that looks easy.Probably is,if you know exactly what to do,but screw up,spare parts for that intermediate "Classic" are not so easy.

My understanding has been they are both the same length action,just setup different.

While I ,myself,might choose something besides the H=H,one thing about this gun stuff is we need to be able to pursue our preferences.They don't have to make sense to anyone else.

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