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You've taken on a big task -- trying to make EAA's customer service practices seem reasonable. Hope you're well rested and up to the task.
I don't work for EAA, own stock in them or am in any way affiliated with EAA. Just reporting my experience with my gun and my limited, but direct, interaction with them. FWIW, when I had to send a Colt Python to Colt for service, I had to pay shipping both ways.

Personally, I buy guns, not warranties or customer service. I assume that none of my guns have any warranties with them when I buy them. It's usually the companies that make cheap guns that offer some of the best warranties. However, if a gun suffers a catastrophic failure through no fault of my own (like my Taurus PT-99) I will report it. I think its perfectly fine for people to report their gun breakages. What I don't like is other people who have not experienced any problem just regurgitating what they've read somewhere to claim a gun (or any product) is inferior.
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