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With the DAO being an inaccurate firearm and should not be used for self defense purposes in your opinion, then where does the first shot of a DA/SA pistol go?
The first shot in DA/DAO goes where the sights were, or the gun was pointed, when the shot broke.

Back when I was hot on SIG's, I shot this at about 10 yards with my DA P229 in 357SIG. Each round on the target was shot DA, most from the holster, some from my arm hanging at my side, and after the shot, the gun decocked, reholstered, and done again. Theres some movement in there too, and not all shots were static. As you can see, it aint a perfect world, but thats why we practice, right?

This one was a little closer, same thing, but 3-4 shot bursts, starting with the first shot DA, with the last one or two to the head...

Different trigger type, but same basic thing as the first target above at about 10 yards with my Glock 17.

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