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I have asked the question:

So a LEO exemption of the proposed Fienstein AWB is saying that a the life of a police officer confronting a suspect is more important than my life was5 minutes before when that same suspect kicked in my door and shot me?

And I get the same answer every time:

No, but police officers are highly trained!

I proceed to laugh out loud!

They don't have an argument that Cops for some reason deserve semi-auto weapons and civilians don't! Simple.

Because police are sent to, and expected to respond to, and address, situations that require they have access to long guns. I have been on several calls where I was faced by bad guys with rifles, probably a half a dozen over the years, doesn't happen every day. I needed a rifle to protect myself, but also to prevent the "bad guy" from getting away and killing someone else. Like your family, or my family. I'm not saying my life is more important than yours (except that police represent a civilizied society, and an attack on police should be seen as an attack on your community). Just that I have to go to these calls, and place myself in harms way.

I have never been faced with a situation that required a rifle in my personal life. Not once. Not that I think you shouldn't own them, just my own experience of never needing any type of firearm in my personal life, only professionally.
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