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Originally Posted by Smit
I currently have an opportunity to purchase a used S&W Chiefs Special. I like the looks, does anyone have any experience with these? I would greatly appreciate any input. Thanks,
As is all things used, condition, condition, condition, and let the condition drive the negotiations. I love those little snubbies and I can't decide if my favorite is my Model 60 or my Model 38. Both great little guns and I'm always on the lookout for another in the used gun racks. I paid $350.00 for the last one I bought, a really nice nickeled Model 38. My lady promptly absconded with it as her carry piece and now I'm looking for another.

Originally Posted by carguychris
Originally Posted by Bowdog
Do not use +P ammo
Why not?
The original Model 36, Model 37, Model 60 et al were not rated for +P ammunition. Standard pressure fodder only. I understand that in recent years, SW has relaxed the rating somewhat, and I've even seen Model 60s in .357 magnum. That doesn't mean that every one of those pistols are rated for that ammunition. Again, condition, condition, condition. These little revolvers have been made since 1950 and the earlier ones are not rated for +P ammo.
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