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Magnum Wheel Man,

Back in the day, I did a lot of PPC shooting and a little competition between Departments. The city would pop for the ammo to be shot during the meets but not for practice. I did a lot of practice and reloaded and casting to be able to keep up. I was using a 4 inch S&W Model 14, double action only. Many, many 38s were loaded and fired. This was in the days when carbide sizing dies were more than I could afford. I/we just got used to having scratched on the cases.
For all of the attempts and work to polish out the grit/lump or what ever in the steel sizing die, another 3 or 5 hundred rounds later and another one or more were back. Back then no one tumbled brass to clean it that I knew of. I would wash it down with water and wipe them off some times. (Most of the ranges I used were/are on the river side of the levee, river mud!).
Things have changed, well I have.


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