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I've read one account of a frame cracking (from someone here who applied hard chrome to the frame) and EAA refusing to service it under warranty.
You haven't been burned, so see no reason to be concerned about the fire hazards... OK.

The gun in question, cited above, was one that had a badly discolored Wonder Finish. I've talked with several guys who had a similar problem with the finish, and EAA told them to pound sand. That apparently was the case with the gun, cited above. What would YOU have done in such a case? Just keep using a gun that looked like it had chicken pox (and the ones I've seen in silver that had problems looked like that), or have it refinished?

As you say, they were within their rights to refuse warranty coverage on a refinished gun, but can you explain how refinishing changes the structural integrity of the gun? I'd say their response was a cop-out; they could have offered a discount on a new frame and kept the customer at least half-way satisfied.

Re: Wonder Finish. I've noticed that thec urrent Owner's Manual says you must keep the Wonder Finish guns oiled and lubricated just like you would regular steel guns. I don't remember seeing that statement in a prominent position in their older manuals, and that may explain why the guns became discolored: rust.

I had a Sport Long Slide (.45) in silver with the Wonder Finish, but never had problems with the finish. I've had 5-6 other Witness guns over the years, and had good service out of all of them.

I did have a barrel destroy itself shooting factory loads with the Sport Long Slide, but since I bought used I didn't ask EAA for support -- just bought a new barrel. The Super Sight on that gun also fell apart and couldn't be fixed, and the replacement cost me over $100 -- and there really were no after-market options available.

I've NOT blamed EAA for any of this -- as buying a used gun is always risky.

Some gun makers pay for shipping one way for warranty problems; some pay for it both ways. EAA expects you to pay for it both ways, but gives you a break on the return trip: it only costs $20. Most gun makers, including Hi-Point returns warranty work guns free of charge.

You've taken on a big task -- trying to make EAA's customer service practices seem reasonable. Hope you're well rested and up to the task.
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