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I'm on the Brady Campaign's mailing list. Long story, but nobody there has figured out that Pynchon Voltaire isn't my real name yet.

Anyhow, this went out today in response to the Senate hearings:

We support President Obama's comprehensive plan to prevent gun violence. His legislative plan — which includes measures such as universal criminal background checks for all gun buyers — can immediately reduce gun injuries and deaths across America.
That's a pretty big promise to make.
Last night I flipped to the Gun Control Channel and who does Piers Morgan have on but Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (the mouth-piece of the DNC). Two of my least favorite people on the planet. Piers asked her what she thought was going to "actually" be done to stop gun violence. She walked EVERYTHING back except universal background checks. She stayed on universal background checks... " it's common sense", "it's supported by everyone including most members of the NRA", "the NRA doesn't support people just gun companies". Then, (and this is the kicker) they cut to a clip of a 1999 testimony by NRA VP Wayne LaPierre, where he states that "ALL TRANSACTIONS SHOULD GO THROUGH A BACKGROUND CHECK, THERE SHOULD BE NO LOOPHOLES". They then highlight the hypocrisy, call him some names and use this as proof he doesn't represent people.

I don't think they are going to risk 2014 with all the ban stuff. I do think they are going to build on top of the universal background checks. This is low risk for them. If they can sneak through national registration, this will be more than enough to move their agenda forward. Personally, I hope they push hard for the bans and make 2014 a one issue election. Otherwise, if they take the house and keep the senate in 2014, the very next tragedy we will be devastating to us.

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