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For bear-carry, I've had the 4 inch 629, and currently have the 4 inch 5 shot Taurus Tracker. The Tracker is a bit easier to carry and a lot more accurate than the 629 was. Yes, the 629 was a little more solidly built.

For hunting guns, I have the Super Redhawk and Taurus M44. Both with red-dot scopes, and both accurate. The Taurus has killed a pile of deer for me and has been through mud, ice, rain and snow for years and years, and keeps on ticking. The Super Redhawk has had less field time but is built like a tank -- and looks really cool, too, which is definitely a factor...It's also highly accurate.

I had the Super Blackhawk for a short time, but couldn't bond with the grip shape and never found it very comfortable in my hand, unlike the double action revolvers. It too, however, was a superb, accurate handgun.

Good luck!

The Taurus M44, and its best buck to date....

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