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9mm vs. .45 (Not The Typical Debate)

I'm in the market for my first handgun and I thought I had my heart set on a .357 revolver however as the date draws near to pick my first purchase I find myself reconsidering a semi automatic. I've only ever fired firearms once, at an NRA pistol course in VT last August, so I have limited experience. The class I took was a bit large for the two instructors, 10 students, so our range time per person was minimal. I shot, one full magazine/cylinder each, of 9mm, .38 and .45 with several magazines of .22 in various handguns. I remember the 9mm and .38 feeling about the same when fire and the .45 knocked me back a half step with each shot however that is most likely due to improper stance and handling of the weapon.
My question to the more experienced users is about my body type versus the caliber I choose. I'm 5'5", 140lbs with hands slightly smaller than a standard size small glove. The 9mm was somewhat manageable however I'm wondering if the .45 will become easier with practice and proper fundamentals. Despite the difficulty I had shooting the .45 it was, and I can't stress this enough, the most fun cartridge I tried that day. Am I better sticking with a smaller more manageable round or should I go larger and just learn to compensate?

PS- This will not be a carry gun, simply a range/hobby firearm so stopping power is not a concern for me. Also, I live in NY so getting out and trying several firearms before purchase is not exactly a viable option. I had to drive three hours just to get to that one NRA class.

PPS- In case anyone is wondering my picks for a revolver were between a 6" S&W 686+ (Pre-lock), a 4" Ruger GP100 or a 6" Colt Python in stainless or nickle.
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