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A word on EAA's customer service. After I purchased my Stock 10mm about 3 years ago, I needed some information about the magazines and wanted to order a few extra. So, I called EAA directly. I got a live person on the phone immediately. They put me through to a guy who was either the gunsmith or was technically knowledgeable about the various magazines. He took the time to answer my questions and I placed an order for 3 factory magazines - at $23/each they were cheaper than any I could find elsewhere on the internet. Very high quality magazines! They were delivered to my house within 48 hours of placing my order and paying for them (EAA is not that far from where I live).

I've heard some complaints about EAA requiring that the owner pay shipping with regard to repairs. Colt does the same thing. In my opinion, this is a stupid complaint. I've read one account of a frame cracking (from someone here who applied hard chrome to the frame) and EAA refusing to service it under warranty. I can't blame EAA for that. The Owner should have checked first to see if hard chroming the frame would void the warranty. I have read a couple of accounts about slides cracking and EAA refusing to replace them due to hot 10mm being used. The owner(s) denied this. These could be legitimate complaints. I think the slide-cracking issue involved the older more rounded slides.

What I'd suggest is that if you are concerned about EAA's customer service is that you call them BEFORE purchasing a Tanfoglio pistol, talk to them and judge for yourself.

The biggest disappointment that I have with EAA/Tanfoglio is that I didn't purchase one of their higher end Witness guns in 9mm and .45 when they were ridiculously cheap.
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