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That was my point in reference to the "under powered" comments from earlier.

The 7.62mm NATO wasn't the load I was mentioning, that was the U.S. T65 type "improvment" to the 30-06. I was thinking of the "intermediate power" rounds like the .270/280 that were originally in development for the EM-1 & EM-2 series as being comparable with the Soviet 7.62X39 round for the SKS/AK 47 & other similar loads. Those are ballistically similar to the 30-30.

I've done a bit of informal testing myself. The actual woodliegh type bullets with the dual core (not all MkVII had this core, particularly some of the "commonwealth made" stuff) were efired side by side at 200yds with 150 gr 7.62mm NATO ball ammo. The old .303 made much more impressive holes in wetpack. my buddy who was shooting the 7.62 comparison rifle called them "Post hole diggers"
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