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The M9A1 also has a fixed front sight. IIRC that and the original trigger guard are the only differences between it and the 92A1.

I got a 92A1 from Bud's for $571 back in December... and Beretta was running a $50 mail-in rebate all last year, so my end price (assuming my rebate coupon doesn't get lost) was $521.

The 92A1 is a fine pistol... it has three of the coated, sand-resistant mags, which by itself is a reason enough to choose it. The dovetailed sights are not as big of a deal as I thought, because since most Beretta 92 pistols have a fixed front sight, aftermarket sights for them are actually pretty scarce.

Tooltech will drill out your sights and install tritium, though, and Trijicon has a three-dot set.
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