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Remove the cylinder and grips.

Take a towel and wet it well with white vinegar. Wring it out, and it should be barely wet. Just damp is what you want.

Wrap the frame (and later the cylinder) tightly with the towel, molding it close to the contours with your fingers. Let the towel "not make" it to the lowest spots of the contours.

Wait 5 minutes, remove, wash, and examine.

Repeat as required.

This takes blue off of the high spots, which is what you want, and leaves some in the low spots, which is what you want.

When done, wash in hot water, wipe with a Ballistol wetted towel, and enjoy.

Practice on the cheapest junk Navy Arms POS that you can buy for $50 on Gunbroker, with a broken spring. It'll give you the confidence you need to do it to your new $400 Uberti.


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