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Originally Posted by TacticalDefense1911 View Post
Out of those two choices I'd say go with the Sig. Better quality control and better small parts then the Kimber at a lower price. The Sigs aren't perfect though. The geometry of the external extractor is off. The EE is positioned too high and does not allow proper contact of the extractor claw on the case rim. This tends to lead to erratic ejection patterns. The gun may still run but the extractor is not optimal.
Yeah. That's so not true. Don't know where you conjured this one up from. It's borderline comical.

Wish I had a slow motion option. My SIG 1911 XO ejects brass in a neat pile. And really strong. My friends tac-ops? Same thing and his brothers scorpion, also the same thing.

So that's a really false claim. And if just one did it, what's to say they all do it? By that notion all 1911's from Rock Island to Wilson Combat are horrible for reasons X, Y, Z.
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