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He is also far from the mark suggesting that I am an Anarchist. Anarchists don't last to retirment in the Army

But I am strongly against piling useless laws on top of useless laws in a vain effort to legislate a utopean paradise.

In Floride as in every state I know of, it is illegal to deface highway signs and public property. And like most every state there are some people who still just have to shoot signs with paintball guns.

Now this was already an illegal act, but these fine Floridians passed a law making it unlawfull to have a loaded paintball gun anywhere in a car. Please keep in mind that the Federal Government does not classify paintball guns as weapons.

Now here is the situation, Dad, Susie and young Tom, are out playing paintball because Dad feels this is good for the kids. The kids want to hang around for the last big match and Dad knows that they will be pusing it to get back home in time for dinner. Mom has a big roast cooking. Dad does not want Mom angry because she has been busting it while all the kids are out having fun. But Dad wants to go another round too so they stay.

The last match is done, it was great, but the clock, oh my, throw that stuff in the trunk kids, we gota wheel. Down the road they go, Dad is pushing the speed limit a little, and you know what happens right? You have been down this road yourselves. Deputy DoRight is on your bumper and hits the lights. Hmmm, speeding, slow it down Dad. BTW, you all are dressed for the Paintball field, let's pop the trunk Dad. Ohh, what's this? Tom forgot to unload his paintball gun, Dad didn't check it, and now......

Dad is hauled in on a misdemeanor, Kids in tow, Mom's big meal is ruined, and for what?

Dad, Suzie and Tom didn't shoot any highway signs. But they broke the law that is supposed to "prevent" the other law from being broken. This is the kind of thing I am against. This is what I see as foolishness.

Sorry I had to lay out a book, but there it is in the best way I can explain it.

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