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michael t wrote:
Did you send them to a warrenty center or try to have a local fix them.
Bersa sent me to a (not so) local authorized gunsmith. He had at least three other Bersa's in the back on his workbench awaiting repairs at the time I went to see him.

After some discussion, the gunsmith let slip that he was ready to tell Bersa to take a hike...that he was no longer going to service any of their firearms. He went on to say their pistols were constantly in his shop under warranty for breakage repairs or other issues. At any one time, he never had less than two in his shop for one thing or another. Broken Bersa were eating into his real money making work; hand tuning and customizing bolt rifles, 1911's, S&W and Colt revolvers.
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I think that one of the notions common to the anti-gunner is the idea that being a victim is 'noble'; as if it is better to be noble in your suffering than disruptive in your own defense.
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