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I've got THE answer. It ain't sexy and it won't be popular, but it's the REAL answer.

You've got 10 semi-autos, you've got no revolvers, and you think you'll pick one and you'll have the right one...or the best one... or most versatile one... best lookin' one... most enjoyable to shoot... accurate... durable...

Forget it, it's not happening.

You are better off not getting any revolver.
You'll never get it done with "ONE" revolver, and I can't imagine even wanting to try.

The easy way out is to not buy one.
Get one, you'll want more. You'll -GET- more.

How'd you get 10 semi-auto's?!
Tell me I'm wrong.

I'd have to agree with Sevens, except for the part about wanting more.
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