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The best way to purchase the collet neck-only size die (a very cool tool, I like them also!) is to purchase the Lee Deluxe die set. That set includes the collet die along with a f/l size die and a bullet seating die. Of course... since you did not buy that set to begin with... and you already have the collet neck-only size die... I would say your best bet is to search for a set of Lee "RGB" rifle dies. These are their lowest price set, they only offer them in -really- popular calibers (I'm not sure if .22-250 is one of them, but it may well be...that's a fairly popular round!) and if they don't offer the RGB set in .22-250 then your next best bet may be to call up Lee Precision and beg them to sell you a full-length sizing die for cheap dough. I'd be willing to bet they'll do exactly that.

The powder flakes jumping around in the plastic dippers is absolutely static, but I wouldn't worry a bit about it. When they get good and "dirtied" up with powder, it'll quit. And I wouldn't worry about static shock or anything like that simply because it's smokeless powder.

Smokeless powder seems to have a bit of an un-earned reputation because it's powder for gosh-sakes, powder they make ammo with and it makes GUNS go BOOM! Truth is, it's flammable. Like paper. This stuff isn't like gasoline in that red can in the garage. In fact, there's probably any number of more "dangerous" items under the kitchen sink in many or most households.

Keep powder away from the furnace and the fire place. Don't smoke in the same room where you handload or store powder. Keep the froo-froo scented candles in the crapper and not in the man cave.

Look at powder (especially small amounts, like you have in a plastic dipper) like it's paper. You KNOW what will happen if you get paper near an open flame, right? That's a problem and it burns hella fast. But we don't keep half an eye pointed at paper every time we see it... because it's just not going to light up on it's own. Smokeless powder isn't a lot different.

That can of gasoline in the garage? Good god, that's actually pretty dangerous. Smokeless powder? Not so much. If your house is on fire, THAT'S a problem. But don't worry about static in a dipper unless it's throwing off your dippin' charge!
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