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I never could understand the objection to using moon clips. They are not hard to load, they are not hard to unload.
I had a moon clip gun for a very short time (had to sell it shortly after getting it) and though I did not sell the gun because of the moon clips, I sure didn't care much for them in the time that I had it. The revolver was a S&W 625 so we are talking .45 Auto and loading the moon clips was very much NOT enjoyable in any way. As for de-mooning them, I had the simple sub-$10 tool, basically a short pipe with a rubber handle and removing them wasn't a big problem, but I wouldn't say it was a heap of fun. Certainly, it was better than picking up scattered .45 brass from a semi-auto, but compared to dealing with .38/.357 brass, which I could eject easily in to my hand, it was no treat, either.

I really thought I'd love the gun, but I had a few roadblocks and it was just as well that I said good-bye to it. I doubt that I'll venture down the moon clip road ever again... but if I run in to a Smith & Wesson 610 with a decent price on it, I'll be back to eat my words.
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