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Thank you for all the advise guys ,

I need something reliable which I am going to use for ipsc competitions in classic division and I will use it for home defense .

Lots of innocent people here in SA wake up at night to find 3-7 intruders in there house with the attention to rape and kill (the steeling is just a bonus for them ) .

So , if I ever need the gun , I need it to function as i expect it to .

At the moment I carry a Rossi 38sp snub-nose and I am getting my G17 in 2 weeks time after I have waited ages for the license to be approved . my plan with the G17 is to shoot production division in ipsc competitions and to get a ronni carbine conversion .

I want a 1911 , because I have always liked 1911s and it would be nice to shoot it in classic division in ipsc .
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