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Rainbow Demon,
Do have information on the Israeli modified model 10s? The Israelis acquired 547s, but I don't know who used them. I have two 547s from a surplus shipment from Israel.
Only seen photos with descriptions in old gun book articles on Israeli built weapons. That was in the late 60's long before I ever heard of any other 9mm chmbered revolvers.
From the photos these looked like early S&W Model 10 revolvers, something about the grip was off a bit from the originals.

I found images of the 547 and they are not the pistols pictured in those old articles.
The pistols I mentioned had the old style slim barrel and looked pretty rough.
These were not modified S&W products, they were made in Israel.

Heres the only mention of these I found online.
The first Israeli-made handgun was a copy of the S&W Military & Police revolver manufactured by Israeli Military Industries (IMA) in 1952-1953. These were unique in that they were chambered for the 9mm Parabellum cartridge and used "half moon" clips. Reportedly, only a small number were produced, primarily for presentation purposes.
Probably none have ever hit the market.

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