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Actually, for reported ND's that I heard about in WA last year? Cops 3, CPL holder 1. Cops have more manditory training every year than an state requires for a carry license, yet, in a state with no manditory training for our CPL (and there are almost 400,000 active CPL's in WA, and an unknown number of people that carry (legally) without a license) there was one reported NG discharge. I do not know how many LEO's are in WA but I would bet it is less than 400,000
In 2008,the State of Washington had 174 sworn Police Officers for every 100,000 residents. See this survey:

There were more than 300 full-time
sworn personnel per 100,000 residents
in the District of Columbia (722), Louisiana
(405), New Jersey (389), New York
(341), Illinois (321), and Wyoming (317)
(figure 4).

In contrast, there were fewer
than 200 full-time sworn personnel per
100,000 residents in Washington (174),
Utah (175), Oregon (177), Vermont
(178), Kentucky (183), Minnesota (185),
West Virginia (186), Alaska (189),
Michigan (190), Iowa (195), and Maine
(195). (See appendix table 6 for stateby-
state agency and employee counts.)
"It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged." G.K. Chesterton

From The Cleveland Press, March 1, 1921
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