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Couple of newbie questions...

First issue: I bought Lee Collet neck sizing dies for my .22-250. At the time I did not realize that their full length resize die can be adjusted to size the neck only or to do the whole thing. Does anyone know if I can purchase this full length die separately? I believe that the cases will eventually need to be full length resized, am I correct in that assumption? They are already fairly tight in the chamber after the first firing (they will only be used in my rifle).

Second issue: Loading my very first rounds today I noticed my powder doing something odd in the dipper when I would pour the powder into the scale... the individual granules were, well, dancing around in the dipper, for lack of a better word. I'm using the Lee dipper provided with the dies to put powder (H380) in my scale pan (going for accuracy rather than quantity). Is this the static cling I've seen touched upon here on occasion? If so, should I be concerned about it? How can it be resolved? Static electricity and powder concerns me a bit.

Any help will be much appreciated!
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