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i have two 44 mag revolvers and i like both very much. my first 44 mag was a ruger redhawk stainless with a 7 1/2" barrel. it is a great gun with factory wooden grips and good factory sights. i have shot it out to 100 yards with very good accuracy but it can be a handfull if you shoot a bunch of rounds.

my second 44 mag is a blued taurus model 44 with a 4" barrel. the taurus quickly became my go to 44 mag. the 4" barrel is as accurate as the 7 1/2" ruger at the ranges I shoot and it has very nice factory sights as well. the taurus has a factory rubber grip and a factory ported barrel also make it much much more pleasant to shoot for longer periods of time. the 4" barrel also makes it much more pleasant to carry for long distances and long periods of time which makes it an ideal trail gun for me.

when i shoot my redhawk the recoil makes the gun rise in an arc making it slower to bring the gun back in position for a second shot. when i shoot the taurus the recoil brings the gun straight back making a second shot faster. i attribute this to the factory ported barrel. the taurus is also much more pleasant to shoot allowing for longer range sessions.

i would like to scope the ruger someday for more dedicated target work and hunting. i would like to take the scoped ruger hunting along with the 4" taurus for both longer shots with the scoped ruger and if i got a closer shot i would use the 4" taurus. carrying both handguns would be easier than carrying a rifle keeping my hands free for glassing or other stuff. i think it would be fun.

i would like to add a ruger blackhawk to the collection someday just to match it with my winchester 94 in 44 mag.

if you are looking for your first 44 mag for general purpose shooting i would recomend the 4" barrel in whatever brand you prefer. my 4" taurus is a very good gun, you might like to check one out but buy whatever brand you like.
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