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How to antique
Ok guys, I'm wanting to make my 58 remmy look just like its a 150 years old. I'm lookin for that gray brownish tint. From what I know to do is soak the gun in vinegar or use some chemical to remove the bluing. Then take mustard and rub the gun down to add patina. Then rinse in water and baking soda to dilute the acid. But I have some questions.
1. Will it hurt to take the bluing out of the inside of the barrel and cylinder chambers?
2. Will the gun in this state rust very easily, would I have to be more care worthy with it?
3. What is the best method to use?
I'm sure everybody has their own way.First there is no bluing in the barrel or chambers of any gun that has been fired.
I have heard vinegar will remove some bluing, but so will steel wool
With steel wool there is some elbow grease, but you can taylor the wear spots to your liking.
Never heard of the mustard.
After you remove as much bluing as you want, wash and dry it.
Most rebluing kits (including brown) come with a cleaner degreaser.
Do not touch the area to be blued / browned with anything after degrease.
Now apply either the blue or the brown or a combination to get the look you want.
You can add multiple coats to certain areas, or less or wipe with the vinegar / steel wool.
To each his own.
After you are done as long as all the metal is coated, normal care, cleaning and oiling should be sufficient to prevent rust.
Thing is after you are done, you can try it again if you're not happy with the results.
Mine were blued about 30 years ago. They now have daily wear. Some areas have been touched up. But mine were kits with no bluing from factory.
Good luck!
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