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Originally Posted by win-lose View Post
...if anything, it sounds like you are arguing for anarchy, which is the last thing our side needs to be doing. Like it or not, this is a very real fight...
This is a very real fight. So I really do *NOT* want this next comment to seem to be a nit-pick. If this weren't so important I would never bring it up.

What it sounds like to the unwashed masses is arguing for chaos in the streets. That's a long way from the political theory of Anarchism.

We do not want to look like we're supporting chaos in the streets, because we are not. At least I don't.

In this fight the Anarchist and the Conservatives are on the same side and marching in lockstep.

I just want verbiage correct. We don't need to alienate anyone at all. A real smart guy once said, and I paraphrase, we all hang together or we'll all hang separately.

Once this is over then the Conservatives and Anarchists can bicker again. At least that is if you can find any here who'll engage.
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