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Aguila Blanka wrote:
Other states, such as Pennsylvania, require only a background check. I don't know of any statistics showing that Pennsylvania has a significantly higher per capita incidence of negligent discharges by CCW holders than Texas, so I'm forced to conclude that Texas is simply gouging Texans by unnecessarily requiring a more expensive and complicated qualification than what's needed to accomplish the purpose.
WA, PA only require fingerprints and BC for CC, nothing for OC. VT requires nothing...anything more is a "poll tax" and an elitest Jim Crow law.

As much as those that have taken, or must take, courses to be able to carry, there are no specific statistics that show WA, PA or VT are more dangerous that say NM, which has unlicensed open carry, but for a CC license the requirements are a bit overboard (IMHO)

Actually, for reported ND's that I heard about in WA last year? Cops 3, CPL holder 1. Cops have more manditory training every year than an state requires for a carry license, yet, in a state with no manditory training for our CPL (and there are almost 400,000 active CPL's in WA, and an unknown number of people that carry (legally) without a license) there was one reported NG discharge. I do not know how many LEO's are in WA but I would bet it is less than 400,000
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