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Of course, you can get used to anything, but I can't imagine using a DAO pistol, especially for self defense. Unless you've fired a LOT of shots through it in practice, your accuracy is going to be into left field. Also, it can't fire anywhere near as fast as a SA semiauto.

My SIG 2022 9mm is a D/S, where the first shot is DA, and subsequent shots are SA. The SA trigger is VERY light, about 4 lbs, and I can easily let off 5 to 6 rounds per second with it, almost like a machine gun. The long DA pull of the first shot acts as an effective safety, so you don't have to worry about flipping a safety off before you shoot. And if you have an extra half-second, you can thumb back the hammer when you draw so the first shot will be SA, too.

I've talked to a number of newbie gun owners who had no concept of SA and DA, who didn't know what they were, and go buy some cheap DAO gun and get disappointed because they can't hit the side of a barn with it.
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