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My Oklahoma Hog Hunt

Earlier this month a few of us went down to the guys at to go shoot some pigs. I had a BLAST and am reserving my next years hunt VERY shortly.

These guys weren't as tough as I thought they were, but then again we didn't get HUGE hogs but I'd say the biggest pushed 200lbs.

It was a cool morning, drizzle/rain off/on. I was the last one dropped off in the stand and had gotten situated by 6:45 and was quiet. As I peered through the fog I thought I saw blobs of movement, sure enough not 10 minutes after I was in there were what I was 90% sure of hogs about 90 yards ahead of me. Not knowing EXACTLY and since they have other game, I watched them for about 10 minutes and let them pass.

Not 15 minutes later after the fog had let up JUST a little, another group came in. I thought I'd let so many deer pass up here and never gotten another shot, I'd better make the most of my opportunity since I was only there for two days. I picked out the biggest one, squeezed, they all scattered. The one I tagged spun out and ran straight away from me. The catch was, as I was squeezing the trigger, my pack was sliding out of the treestand and I had slid my butt over to keep it from falling as I squeezed the trigger. I was unsure of my shot.

Within the next 45 minutes one of my other friends and taken 2 pigs, within 15 minutes of eachother. About 20 minutes passed after his last shot and I had a lone pig walking about 75 yards in front of me. I decided to take it. Our guide was by in 15-20 minutes after that and helped us recover them.

Later that afternoon the other two guys in our group filled their limit of 2 each, one had to be recovered the next morning. The guides there were awesome and personable and just had fun with us the entire time. That was a big deal to us. They worked and talked WITH us not talked AT us. VERY personable guys down there.

Here are a couple photos.

The cabin

My two piggies

They would gut, skin, quarter your hog for 25 bucks a piece. We got done early and used their facilities to cut ours up a little further and package them all up. Awesome guys.
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