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And we are positive that Heller protects shotguns under the common usage doctrine.

Then it should protect the AR-15, inarguably the most commonly sold centerfire rifle in the USA. It's the modern-day lever action Winchester.

Speaking of lever action Winchesters... Check the capacities of these common cowboy rifles.
None are less than 9 and some are 13....

Let's start out with the most elderly "modern" repeater, the Henry:

And the 1866 is no exception to the 13 shots rule:

Who could ban an 1873 lever action rifle with a straight face?

Great Grand-pops deer rifle upstate might just be a Winchester 1892. Magazine capacity on that deer assault-weapon? 15 (plus one in the chamber).

And the biggie: THE penultimate deer rifle in New York is the 1894 Winchester. While carbines outnumber rifles, there are plenty of rifles about. Those hold, err... NINE.

I bet the local farmers are not gonna like this one bit...

Go for the throat. The best fight is one that's over before the other guy knows it's begun.



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