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First off, my apologies for neglecting this thread. We just had our first public exhibition and this product is VERY well received, especially in these times of ammo shortages. My website has been updated with a couple new videos that better show how this program works and how it can be used

delarosadavid: We will have .45 inserts for sale at the KC gunshow, and hope to have the online shop updated shortly thereafter, but you can purchase and download LASR right now at the link below. They are also available online from a few different vendors, including amazon and ebay.

BitterTait: That will be our next project, probably in the 2014 timeframe, right now we are preoccupied with adding new features to the Pro version of LASR, and keeping up with product launch. Keep in mind that no "special" camera is needed. The camera being used in the videos was $20 at walmart.


Laser Activated Shot Reporter (L.A.S.R.) a computer program that can provide real-time feedback on shot placement and times in conjunction with laser dryfire devices such as SIRT products or Laser Ammo inserts. Watch the videos at the link below to learn more.

We will have L.A.S.R. available for you to try at the KCI Gun Show on Feb 16-17. We will have license codes for the software available for purchase along with a good selection of laser dryfire training devices with some very nice package pricing!

Follow the link to learn more:
L.A.S.R. -

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through my website, or just a leave a note on this thread and I will get back to you ASAP.

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