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First practice with you pistol of choice often. I have a very nice 22LR S&W kit revolver that I cannot hit a barn with. I have tried many different makes of 22 rimfire bullets with no luck. I had such High Hopes for it. I also have had two Ruger Mark I and one Ruger Mark II bull barrel semiautomatic pistols. All three were very accurate. I have used a rifle but to increase the fun I switch to the Ruger Mark I & II pistols. It was not uncommon to bring home the limit of squirrels. Oh, I did clean them, cooked and ate them. Where I live I have no neighbors which is very nice if you like to shoot alot. I do that where ever I wish. I have been known to pop rocks in the driveway to hone my skill of making accurate shots. The point is that if you take a pistol that is not accurate then find one that is then practice with it and you will enjoy it even more.

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