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Calling on Super 1050 with auto drive owners

So I've had a Super 1050 for about a year and have only used it to process some .223 cases. I have the electric trimmer on it along with the carbide sizing die. When working the press manually everything seems great, uniform trimming and nice primer pocket swaging. When I hook up the ponsness warren auto drive the cases get trimmed less and unevenly. But the real problem is that the primer pockets dont get enough swaging no matter how well I adjust the punch.

I made sure that the press cycles fully on both upstroke and downstroke. At least it appears to do so. I tightened the clutch on the auto drive as much as I could using a regular hex key. I am suspecting slippage but I am not sure.

How have you all set up your 1050 to successfully process .223s?
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