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The shortage is really a regional deal, seems to me each town has different conditions. We went on a expedition for 7.62x39mm a couple weeks back.

Saturday we headed to a medium sized college town 40 miles north of home and the WalMart and Farm supply store had no 9mm ammo, cleaned out. 7.62 commie stuff out of the question. Of course when the super WalMart came to town 2 small gun dealers closed up so the choices are limited there. The two sporting goods places sell no ammo or hunting gear, only running shoes and workout crap.

Next day we were in a more industrial blue collar medium sized town 45 miles south of our home. There are a half dozen places to buy ammo there and WalMart was the only place that was out of 9mm. The counter man at the sporting goods store there had Federal Amercan Eagle marked down to $13.99for 50 and gave me a 10% off coupon from the flyer. It was like 2010 in here. They literally had Remington rifle ammo running over the aisles @ $17.99 a box.
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