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Does trigger pull weight say from 5 to 9 lbs have a significant difference in shooter's accuracy? The pistol I am wanting to use for CC has a 9 lb (as spec'd by the mfg.) trigger pull. I didn't think this was too heavy for a DAO as it is mainly the safety feature of these pistol's design, no?
There are (at least) two elements that have a bearing on your query:

1. A heavier trigger will allow you a margin of safety if you do something "stupid," or do something unintentionally under stress.

2. BUT a trigger that is TOO heavy will make you a less accurate shooter. And shooting accurately is important for two reasons:

a. You need a good hit to stop a determined attacker with a handgun -- especially if you're determined to carry a .380 (or worse, something smaller in caliber).

b. If you miss the attacker and hit an innocent person, you're responsible. If that person dies, it's called negligent homicide in most jurisdictions.

3. At the risk of reiterating advice you probably don't want to hear -- get yourself a reliable handgun (Glock, M&P, SIG, HK) in 9mm (or bigger if you can truly handle a larger caliber). Those guns will (a) be reliable, (b) have a good combat trigger, (c) have good sights, and (d) be of sufficient size to be manageable (with practice) and carry enough ammo to take care of 98% of the encounters in which you may find yourself.

4. You'll be hard-pressed to find a more reliable handgun than a Glock, M&P, SIG or HK. You'll be hard-pressed to find a less reliable handgun than a Kel-Tec. (Please take these as facts, not as random internet opinions.)

5. Good luck.
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