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^^ We will sure see. NJ is just about past the tipping point where public employee union members and welfare recipients can vote for what they like at the peril fo the rest of us, or you, actually... as I am now a happy CCW holding resident of Wisconsin. I've never been happier.

Personally, I think he would have beaten Obama had he run, but he sincerely thought he was not yet ready for that office. That humility from a man known for bluntly speaking his mind is refreshing. I sincerely hope he seeks a national position in the future. The way it'll play out is uncertain, he can either win his next election and campaign from that seat, lose his state office and then campaign on "being the one that the Unions tossed out", or (least likely) not run for governer again and then simply run.

This may actually help him. If he votes against the bills, stands up to the state legislature, wins, and then loses the governers race, he can stand on his principles (and what will demonstrably be a further failure of NJ financially) as campaign points for a major run. He plays the outsider well.


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