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For da wheelguns...

Any Dirty Harry flick particularly Magnum Force. While Clint is on the mind a nod to "Blood Work".

L.A. Confidential. A lot of well done work in that flick.

Way of the Gun. Excellent gun work throughout.

Point Blank with Lee Marvin. Folks have already mentioned a few good flicks from that time frame as well, The Killers, Bullitt.

A little earlier is the B noir flick "Gun Crazy" where the lonely and vulnerable gun collector/shooter falls hard for the trick shooter from the carnival sideshow.

The shootout at the end of Key Largo. Bogart, Bacall and Edward G. Robinson. While we're at it, pick up any of the Bogart detective flicks and you'll have fun.

Robert Mitchum, Kirk Douglas "Out of the Past".

The great Robert Ryan in "The Professionals"

The Untouchables

The Godfather for all that leads up to the restaurant scene where McClusky gets it.

I gotta ad the great Sterling Hayden in "The Killing" 1956.


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