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Birchwood Casey Bore Scrubber a C&R Collectors BEST Friend

Hey Guys,
Just wanted to highly recommend Birchwood Casey's Bore Scrubber "GEL". This stuff is nothing but a can full of AWESOME. I've used it on MN's, and today on this NASTY No. 5's bore. The gunk in that poor guns barrel was horrible, at first I though the rifling was gone, but the lands were SLAM FULL of gunk. I took a rod with a loose fitting patch (.243 slot with .30 cal patch) and ran it from the breech and all the way out the muzzle. Then I shot the gel down the muzzle then took the patch and dragged the gel back through the barrel. I did this a few times to make sure the bore was coated with the gel. Wait 20 minutes. Then take a TIGHT fitting bore brush and run the bore 10 times or so. I then wash it out with brake cleaner. Run a few tight clean patches and BAM a MIRROR BRIGHT BORE. It does NASTY Nagant bores this good too. YOU GUYS HAVE GOT TO TRY IT!!! WARNING: DO NOT BREATH THE VAPORS IT WILL ABSOLUTELY TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY!! This stuff cuts copper fouling like a hot knife through butter. The deerslayer303 product testing department gives it TWO THUMBS WAY UP!!!!!!
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