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I have a system where I keep select guns out of the safe for ease of access. Among these few are the ones my wife and I carry. The others are in specific places in one area of the home- not all over the place.

It's just us here, no one else. When the house will be unoccupied, even for a brief time, I get all the guns not carried and put them in the safe. This only takes me a minute to do. And then when I come home I do the reverse, again only taking a minute.

I will not leave any guns out in case of a quick break-in. They'll have to work if they want them, I'm not making it easy for them.

One thing I don't think I've seen mentioned yet is this. If we need to leave quickly, as in grabbing and bugging out the window at night (one level home), I have the guns I want right at hand, along with a small bug-out bag mostly containing ammo and mags. Guns in the safe will be left behind, and are therefore useless if you can't get to them in a time of need.
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