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I was looking at the Millett today as Bird Dog suggested and it looks like something that I could be interested in after a bit more research (Thanks Bird Dog).

I'm on their website now but am having some problems discerning which one I might prefer. Thought since we were on the subject someone could help clarify a few things.

The SP1 compact has a 1" tube and a 3Min Dot but the SP2 compact has a 30mm tube with a 5Min Dot.

Am I correct in that the 1" scope is smaller than the 30mm, and the 1" will allow for a larger or wider field of view than that of the 30mm, while looking at the same target at the same distance?

And, am I correct that a 3Min dot is smaller than a 5Min dot?

Wouldn't that make the SP 1 obviously better?

Edit: the Ultradot looks nice, but it's not under 100 bucks

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