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1. Don't tumble. Cases are generally fine to reload as is, unless they dropped in the mud. I am fairly meticulous in case cleaning but it is aesthetics as much as any functional purpose such as protecting dies, totally even primer seating, etc.

2. Ultrasonic cleaner. Generally can only do smaller batches of cases compared to a vibrating tumbler. This gets cases very clean using the cleaning concentrate and water, including inside the case and primer pockets. I cannot get them shiny this way but they are very clean. After sizing and trimming and uniforming I polish in a vibrating tumbler and corncob.

3. Hand wipe with mineral spirits of other cleaner, either just with rag or spin on a drill and use 000 steel wool. OK for small batch but seems tedious for large batches.

4. Instead of a vibrating tumbler and dry media such as corncob or walnut, you can use a rotating tumbler (like the rock polishers) filled with cleaning solution and tiny stainless steel pins. I have not tried this but looks like you can do batches larger than an ultrasonic but smaller than a vibratory, and the cases come out highly clean and polished.
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