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Might sound a bit crazy to this generation but here it is. I am 63, just for reference purpose. We have taken this gun safety thing way to far. Gun safety is: Treat all guns as though they are loaded, never point a gun at something unless you intend to shoot it.........those type thing. Now, how I keep my guns in my home is no persons business.
You and I arn't very far apart in age. {57} We probably grew up in similar type homes where guns weren't locked away. We were taught that guns weren't toys to play with.

That said, gun ownership has exploded to many people that grew up in families that don't own guns. I see problems with gun safety on a regular basis at my club. A lot of people own guns that have never had any proper supervision about how to treat guns.

As far as how you ''keep your guns'' being none of our business, you are correct. If your not worried about them, why should I.
Some of us just think it's a good idea to make it as hard as possible for someone to gain access to them. If you want to leave them in sock drawers and cloths closets, knock yourself out.
Can we really take the ''gun safety thing'' to far?
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