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Mike you actually are miffed about this stuff. Someone must have ticked you off over to the S&W forum. You still crying.

Or maybe you're irritated that sometimes people get their facts wrong when they think they are right. Folks make mistakes. Oh Well.

By the way, the fellas whose work you have such obvious disdain for, list and describe on pages 132-135 of the third edition of "The Standard Catalog": "The Registered magnum", "Pre-War .357 Magnum Non-Registered", the ".357 Magnum Transitional Postwar", and the ".357 Magnum Model of 1950 (Pre-Model 27)" all the early non numbered variations of the early N frame .357s. Four different designations before we get to the M27. They discuss in detail the differences in the guns and nomenclature. They only refer to one as a "Pre Model 27". True the factory did not call the guns that, but the collectors do.

As you are likely aware the "Victory" model M&Ps were so named because of the "V" serial number placed in the prefix by S&W indicating a desire for victory over the Axis. Again the "Standard Catalog" takes up pages 142 and 43 with a description of them.

It's tough when you move into a new neighborhood and all the streets are named after trees but you really want them to be named after Presidents so you holler and hoot. It's rough when no-body listens. I feel for ya.

But Roy Jinks, and Neal and Nahas and many others worked on these things for some time. When you next see them, as you say you will, complain to them about it.

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