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Alright I listened, I know I have the 10/22 but I wanted practice with a bolt. I went to a local gun shop and looked at the 77/22 but then I noticed the Marlin XT-22VR and noticed that the varmint rifle had a thick floated barrel and recessed crown, perfect for a target rifle. And it was 400 less than the 77/22. I took it to the range on my lunch break today and I love the thing. It keeps very tight groups at 25 and 50 yards. No sights on the Varmint model though so i picked up a cheap 30 dollar Tasco 3-9 (more like 3-6.5, because it starts to blur above 6) and it sufficed.

I couldn't find an Appleseed clinic in my area but I ran into a National Guardsman at the gun shop and he says that a contractor at our local Nat Guard base offers something similar that will teach the basics for 50 dollars a weekend. I have been hunting since I was a kid, and I killed my share of game, but I have never really been taught how to shoot; So I am going to do it.

Thank you for the advice on the Ruger American Kraig, a floated barrel was one of the marketing points on the American so maybe I will check out the bipod I installed on it. I suspect the lug mounting it to the stock went up too far and that is my culprit, so I will check it out and see if that's causing the problem. Even if that's not it, it's still a 1 to 2 MOA rifle before it gets hot and I'm excited to take it out on the hunt. It is an excellent rifle for only being 300 dollars.

Anyways...thanks for the advice everyone, I have a bunch of the cheap Remington bricks throughout the house so I think I will work on technique before fine tuning what ammo to use. I love the thick heavy barrel on the thing and broadened stock, it gives it the look and feel of a full sized centerfire rifle. I hate to admit it because I've grown up with the 10/22 and the 77, but I think this was a better buy than the 77/22. Can't wait to put a couple of bricks through this thing.
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