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Hey skidder, that photo is beautiful.

I always wonder how you guys with the photography skills get the ideas for a great place to snap a picture of a gun. That photo is just terrific and you can even see the powder residue built up a bit on the cylinder.
Yeah Skidder... I figure that photo would look real good in one of the wintertime monthly photo contests...
Thanks guys!

You are correct about the powder residue. A couple weeks ago I drove to a nearby trail-head with 100 wadcutter reloads. Shot from the fence till my ammo was depleted. I had my camera in the rig so I snapped a few. It was about 17 degrees, but sunny, so the pics turned out pretty good.

I don't have a nice camera. An old Kodak digital from 2005, but if the light is good, even an old crappy camera like mine has it's moments.
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