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James K
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A "kaboom" is a term used for any gun (not just a Glock) blowing up. But there is no single cause of blow ups and they are not limited to any specific make or model of firearm.

Some Glocks have less case support at the bottom rear of the chamber than some other guns, and there have been substantiated reports of case blow out at that point. When that happens, the high pressure gas enters the action. The usual result is a destroyed magazine, a badly bulged frame, a bent slide, blown off or broken stocks (when the stocks are separate from the frame), and possibly an injured hand for the shooter.

The symptoms of a blowout due to lack of case support are very similar to those of a blowout due to firing out of battery, and the two are often confused.

Other "kabooms" I have seen reported have obviously been due to such causes as firing a round with an obstruction in the barrel, firing an extreme overload, or simply having the gun go off unexpectedly, none of which result from lack of case support.

Jim K
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