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To the OP . . . the best of luck to you.

My wife and I lived in New York State for six months back in the early 70's while she did an internship to finish up her Masters. I can safely say, that for myself at least, I was never happier than the day we moved out of the state and back to the midwest.

I've been shooting for 50 + years and I am a firm believer in getting as much training as a person can - nobody is too old t learn something. As responsible gun owners/shooters, we all feel the hurt when violence occurs in our schools and public places . . . but taking away a law abiding citizen's rights and trampling on the Constitution is not the way to solve those things. Criminals and those with mental issues will always find a way if they mean to do harm to another. We all need to make our voices heard and put a stop to all of the nonsense that occurs in Washington with those who have an "agenda" . . . because it will not end with what their current proposals are. Somewhere, we have lost the "family unit", morals, the difference between right and wrong and people taking responsibility for their own actions . . . and if you are looking for what I'm talking about . . . look at our politicians.
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