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I’ve owned mine for a number of years now and I have nothing very positive things to say about it. I also was surprised at the recoil or lack of it.
Personally I don’t and wouldn’t own a magazine without the pinky extension. It doesn’t increase the length that much and it improves the hold. For me it keeps the muzzle more in line instead of point slightly up when in the hand.
The only real complaints and there are only two. The sights suck. A good set of Trijicon fixed that and the other was the magazine release. For some it might be alright but I couldn’t get a clean mag drop with it. An extended release fixed that.
Not a real issue but mine is an early generation and the grip was slick in the summer. I put a set of grip panes that are nothing more than sand paper cut perfectly to match the side of the grip. I have to say that I didn’t like the gun until I put a set on. A Glock rep suggested them and put them on for me. For 20$ it made the gun very easy to grip in hot steamy weather.
I would also suggest if you get a 26 is to buy a G17 magazine and get the rubber cover for the bottom of the magazine. Not for carry but for around the home defense. The balance of the gun with that magazine has to be felt to be believed.In the photo it doesn’t look like the rubber cover at the bottom fits that well but it really works well.
I am not one of those Glockholock’s that say the Glock, any Glock is perfect and the best gun in the world but, Glock does a good job getting there.
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